Paris Diaries

J'adore PARIS!! My lovely mother took me on a surprise trip to go watch the Elie Saab Haute couture show which was inspired by Ancient Egypt, my home country, so it was incredible to see my culture threaded into the most beautiful gowns. Besides the freezing weather, I survived for three days soley on Café du Lait and Pain au chocolat! 

Suit: Sandro

Outfit at the show: Skirt, BCBG, Top, Givenchy, Jacket, Balmain for H&M.


Goodbye October

In the spirit of my favourite month, I put together a look that exemplifies fall colours. Embroidery is a big thing this season, which is why I thought this shirt would be perfect to incorporate into the look. This mustard fringe jacket I think just pulled everything together, it drains the blue out of the jeans and the shirt and ties the yellow embroidery in. These sunglasses I bought from a flee market in LA and I just can't stop wearing them! Love them to death. Accessories like chokers and keychains are also making many appearences on the fashion scene so I thought incorporating colours like the burgundy choker would also scream fall. Let me know what you think of this look in the comments! This look was photographed by the lovely, read this look on her blog as well. 

  • Shirt: Zara
  • Jacket: Topshop unique 
  • Jeans: Guess
  • Shoes: Isabel Marant
  • Bag: Celine
  • Choker: Zara

Salt Review

Salt is my new favourite casual restaurant! For a city that's on the beach there's not a lot of restaurants actually situated on the beach which is why I obsess when there is one. While the line at Salt can cause you to want to turn around and find something else to eat I assure you it's worth the wait! I've tried all the burgers and they're all fabulous, however my favourite remains the original burger. You cannot go to Salt and not have their Lotus ice cream, literally frozen heaven. Last but not least Salt is right on the beach, so the view is irreplaceable! If you haven't gone yet make sure to put it on your list! 

Salt is on kite beach between the fishing harbour and where you rent paddle boards and where the blob of restaurants are.

For the Love of Folk// DSF Market OTB

In honour of Dubai's Shopping festival, Sauce, my favourite boutique, organised a fashion show at the Market OTB to celebrate the festival as well as the release of their new insta-shop! The theme was "For the Love of Folk" a very bohemian-villager vibe. As usual the show was fabulous, giving us all bracelets and apples as good-bye goodies, not to mention the amazing styling that went into each outfit, it was very impressive. My favourite booth at the market was Kaleidoscope by Mimi. She always has such original hand crafted things that you can't find anywhere else.  

J designs x TSP


I'm so happy to be back in my home country wearing Egyptian designed jewellery that was gifted to me by none other than J's Designs. This entire outfit was inspired by her "cosmic collection" line of jewellery, which revolves around cool colours and Egyptian culture. I chose cool tunes to match the pieces and as well conveniently the wintery weather. You can never go wrong with thigh high boots, never. I'm so in love with her pieces. They're cool and modern yet have a story of culture behind them which is really important to have, because honestly what's an interesting  piece if it doesn't already have a story, right?

shop her pieces at

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All things Mochi

All things Mochi, one of the most special labels I've ever come across, gathered a group of 'Dubai' girls to take part in a street style shoot in honour of the UAE's 44th anniversary. Each girl got to go to the Mochi showroom, pick their favourite pieces, and then got to style Mochi pieces with their own items. What I loved about the experience was that even if the Mochi pieces picked between the girls were similar, each girl with her different style added a her unique spice to the outfit. I'm so lucky to have been able to participate in such a shoot it was so much fun!

xx Mochi Angels


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Back to our roots

The Palestinian born designer Ayah Tabari, of All Things Mochi, uses inspiration from the world around her to tell stories of cultures through each of her designs. Every piece is handcrafted by the local artisans of that culture, and created using the textiles of the region. It’s not often that you find a brand that’s so centred around culture, so Mochi brings you all cultures in modern, chic, and elegance cuts. The dress above is one of my favorites, its sophisticated from the front and edgy in the back. Pieces like this tell stories, which is getting harder and harder to find these days. You could dress something like this up by adding heels and a blazer, however I chose to dress it down with gladiator sandals just because you can never go wrong with gladiator sandals.



More exciting things coming with Mochi!

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Spice up your OOTD by trying something different. I used a scarf as a belt to add some color to my outfit. I also kept it simple with a similar color pallet, just blues and whites, with a touch of color, perfect for lunch with friends or a stroll in DIFC.

In Style.

Shirt: AllSaints 

Jeans: Rag + Bone

Bag: Barbra Boner

Shoes: Minna Parikka 

Scarf: Valentino

Sunnies: Italia Independent 

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Mochi Spanish Collection

I went to spain and back with All things Mochi at the show of their new collection! Every piece transformed you to  a night on the town in spain. Each piece embodies the spanish flare, or the pirate flow, All flattering of course. The prints were also so beautiful, it reminded me of the last Dolce and Gabbana show. Each piece is a must-have however my favorite thing is the earings, I think they compliment any outfit so well and seem to have a cultural story behind them!

Take a look. 

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On the move with Nasiba Hafiz & Haj Bags

Two of my favourite designers come together with TSP on the move. Nasiba Hafiz is such a creative brand and it embodies a young care free sense of style, something that definitely everybody should own! Haj Bags are actually my friends who came up with these incredible leather bag designs, that they eventually made, and it turned into a business! I'm obsessed with mine, it's like my blue baby, I'm surprised I even set it down for the pictures.  

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Fitness with TSP: Sunset Yoga at Talise Spa at Madinat Jumeriah

Madinat Jumeriah, Talise Spa is now offering Sunset yoga everyday at 5:30. I admit, I was hesitant about trying it, considering the weather, however it was so worth it. It was such a relaxing experience and now a TSP favourite. It is more of a meditation experience than a work out but it really does relax your mind, body and soul. The mere experience of being in touch with nature especially in a bubble like Dubai is very enriching. The sounds of the waves and being on the sand gives you the feeling of getting down and dirty, it's not an environment where you focus on how you look like in the mirror but rather you focus on yourself. 

A TSP must try!


Harvey Nichols A\W 15

Situated at the new Design District, Harvey Nichols redefined the theme of  “timeless” in their autumn winter collection fashion show.  Setting the scene with  backdrops of many different large estates, the models simultaneously walked the black and white carpet, with elegance, style and of course amazing hair and makeup. The looks looked as if they were pulled from all regions of the world, starting in europe then the US and of course ending with the middle east. Overall the styling of the looks to the venue was impeccable and extremely well done, TSP can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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COS A\W 15 Preview

The balance between calm and drama, and contrast between cloth that’s either draped or energised with functionality, is at the heart of COS for Autumn / Winter 2015. The collection’s key inspiration is Japan. You can keenly observe how Japan’s influence was neatly weaved into every piece. Whether it is the opportunity a piece gives you to be able to layer it with other items, or simply the fabric itself, you can easily tell that it’s inspiration comes from the east. Here are some of my favourite pieces.

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Feelin' Blue

blue 1 |bluː|adjective (bluer, bluest)1 of a colour intermediate between green and violet, as of the sky or sea on a sunny day: the clear blue sky | blue jeans | deep blue eyes.

Not to say that I’m picking favorites, but if I were, blue would be it. In Egypt, blue was associated with the sky and with divinity. The Egyptian god Amun could make his skin blue so that he could fly, invisible, across the sky. It is also said that blue could protect against evil. No wonder it’s my favorite.  Perhaps one of the most natural colors on earth, blue is impossible to avoid. It is best paired with complementary colors or better, neutral ones, such as black and white. It’s such a rich color in it’s nature that it deserves to stand out and complement its  surroundings like the sky and sea, or in this case beautiful blue tiles.


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